Why Part Time?

I started this blog because — let’s face it — there are lots of people out there hoping to embark on a freelance career, but can’t stomach the jump to doing it full time. There are also plenty of part-time freelancers out there who just need a little encouragement, motivation or *oomph* to get more clients, manage their time better or figure out when the time is right to go out on their own.

That’s why I created The Part-Time Freelancer. To give those writers a place where they could come ask questions, get some advice and where I could maybe share some of my experiences in freelancing along the way.

Whether you fit into one of those camps, or you’re just looking for some of that advice and motivation, please subscribe.

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Welcome to my blog

This little corner of the Internet is for anyone who's looking to start a freelance business while holding down a real job, wondering how to jump from part-time freelancing to full-time or looking for freelance writing information in general.

My name is James Patterson. You can learn more about me here.


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